Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weekend away to Roboré!

A couple from my class along with the husband's sister and grandmother planned a weekend trip and invited me along.  We spent many hours in the car talking, laughing and drinking terere.  It was a very unique cultural experience: exploring Bolivia with Argentinians.   
The Argentinian family that took me on a fantastic weekend away! I was never bored! Mara and her brother Matias, their grandmother Layla and Matias' wife Naty. 

Naty and I at the second hot springs.  Both hot springs were in Aguas Calientes.  The first one, is the one I don't have pictures of but it was amazing! Bubbling up through the sand which you would sink into if you stepped on them.  The water was super warm and there were little minnows swimming around. The second place was not quite as warm, but so nice and there was hardly anyone else around. 
This is the plaza in Santiago de Chiquitos.  I thought it was funny that there was a horse grazing on the main plaza!

We passed a military checkpoint and parked near this plaque of the five missionaries (some of the first families to serve with New Tribes Mission) who were killed by the people they went to serve among.  They were found in the valley that this mountain overlooks. 

It was chilly and Naty was dancing to keep warm. She also took lots of pictures! 

Layla was a trooper, and made it up with us, with a little assistance. 

The colors reminded me of fall.  (My favorite season!)

Here they are at the "mirador" (first overlook). 

My classmates and I.

Tried to capture the sunset. 

UPside down selfie. Talent. 
Afterwards we got some home made yogurt from a Quaker farm (if you ever go there, it seemed that everyone knew of them to tell us where to go).  It was dark but otherwise I would've loved a tour of this place.  The yogurt was also delicious.  I recommend the coconut. 

The toucan at the hostel where we stayed. 

At another balneario, this side had little fish in a tank. Little worms would fall out of the tree above and the fish would come up to eat them. 

In case you wondered: "Roboré: the paradise is here"

We had to watch for all kinds of hazards on the roadside...

Sanctuary in Chochís

I think it was a Ayoreo man and a Yura man...

A llama!

The ladies!

We saw lots of cows! 

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