Friday, March 18, 2016

When all else fails…make yourself some pumpkins! (Link to free crochet patterns)

You can't find cute little pumpkins here in Bolivia…or anything that resembles the little orange or white pumpkins in the states, so for thanksgiving last year we got creative and made our own. :) Here are Sharleen and my creations: (You can find links here for the fabric pumpkins (I kind of combined the patterns), and for crochet pumpkins here. )

A beautiful blanket for my mom: link to harlequin crochet pattern

I've crocheted very few blankets in my life-mostly for wedding gifts or a long awaited baby…but I felt my Mom deserved her own…plus she's always cold, so I knew it would get lots of use. So I found this pattern that I LOVED and picked some colors. The original pattern has 5 colors, but I used 4 and slightly modified the color pattern. I was very happy with how it turned out but it took FOREVER… I started in October and was literally finishing it on the airplane on my way home for Christmas!  Every movie, Skype call, podcast and bus ride provided time for me to work my little wrists off!  So here it is, (I never got a final picture of the whole blanket, but if you go to my Moms house, someone will probably be wrapped up in it in front of the TV.)  :)

My very own ovejita: link to crochet pattern

You are going to fall in love with this little guy…and you can make your own!  I made him a little more culturally relevant with tassels in his ears (especially in the mountains here, the llamas have tassels in their ears, so I gave him some!)…he's still lacking a name, so feel free to cast your vote! :) 
You can find a link here it is modified (and I actually like it better) from the original link
So here's mine! (Sorry for the poor quality photos!)