Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flat Stanley goes to Bolivia.

On the airplane, Stanley rode safe in my bookbag.
In La Paz we had Devotions over toast and tea to help with altitude symptoms. Stanley wasn't too bothered by it though.
Flat Stan and Hector liked each other. Their friendship is a strange one though...

There's the pretty lake. It was just us and the fisherman.
Flat Stan and Annie having a picnic lunch.
Our trip up to Parque Tunari (The mountain behind our house.) It took TWO hours to drive up there. Then we wandered around the lake, took pictures and tried to gather "WOOD"! It was above the tree line and we finally gave up and went back down a ways to where there was a more abundant supply of real firewood.
Then the boys were splashing everyone. The next day Flat Stanley got laminated! (It costed 9 Bs!! Must've been the gringa special!)
Can you guess where Flat Stanley is?
With Annie and a new friend at the center.
On the TRUFI. The lady to Stan's right was falling asleep and almost fell out of her seat several times!
This is our lunch. The tienda was not well stocked...
Sleeping on llama skins. The nice lady brought them down to us. In K'harimayu Frias ((Potosi). It was very pretty!
Lunch prepared by the ladies...we weren't so sure about the chicken since it hadn't been refrigerated in at least 3 days...but we ate up anyways.With our medical patients! :) Edwin loved Stan, but Dr. Waldo took him away when Edwin got bored and was chewing on Stan's hand!With a political advertisements.Flat Stan LOVES empanadas too!!
Flat Stan, Reynato and Sam. What can I say? He makes friends very easily! :)
Flat Stan's new guardian.