Thursday, September 11, 2014

Licuado de Frutilla or Strawberry Smoothie. Your day just got 10X better!

In Bolivia "licuados" are very common-and for good reason! I don't know why we don't make them in the USA but someone should start this fad!
Here's how to make your own strawberry licuado with leche (milk): (measurements are verrrry relaxed).
Wash your strawberries and remove stems. About this many! 

Then fill your blender about this much with milk.  Blend and add about one cup of sugar and more milk. Blend for awhile until the strawberries are pureed.

That's it! You can taste it to add more milk (that's milk in the bag) or sugar until it's just right. Ohhh it's so delicious! (You can do the same thing with banana, papaya, or whatever other fruit that you please.) Sometimes I do water with lime, strawberry and sugar. It's also delicious. 


Where I live these days...

Small sampling of what life here looks like: 
My room (downstairs right by the phone-which is a bummer when people call at 6 a.m. or 11 p.m.!)

Pet emu! Yes, I know this is really cool! 

My two companeras! We have our own rooms, but share a kitchen and take turns cooking and cleaning.  These girls are so great! They are from La Paz and Cochabamba Bolivia. 

We have sports 2 days a week. Usually volleyball or soccer--until I taught them to play ultimate frisbee.  It was a hit-which I'm personally very excited about!  This is one of our first days playing. Every time has included lots of laughter--and bruises! 

This is my garden at the very beginning. It looks much better now...I'll have to remember to take my camera with me.  I'm mostly excited about the pumpkins!!! 

My room. 

This is another picture of the building I live in--it's right beside the volleyball court. 

Cold showers=really fast showers! 

bathrooms are in the same building as the showers. 

We handwash our clothes.  You never realize how quickly your clothes get dirty until you have to handwash them. And it is a lot of work.  Remember to thank the Lord for your washing machine today!

We will get to use this in a week when we have our rustic living class for three weeks.  This will be so interesting! 

This is the back of the classroom...and below is the front of the classroom!
All the students + a baby! We are from Bolivia, USA, Argentina and Chile.  Funny things happen when we assume we know what one word means-because even between South American countries words have different meanings...