Thursday, September 11, 2014

Licuado de Frutilla or Strawberry Smoothie. Your day just got 10X better!

In Bolivia "licuados" are very common-and for good reason! I don't know why we don't make them in the USA but someone should start this fad!
Here's how to make your own strawberry licuado with leche (milk): (measurements are verrrry relaxed).
Wash your strawberries and remove stems. About this many! 

Then fill your blender about this much with milk.  Blend and add about one cup of sugar and more milk. Blend for awhile until the strawberries are pureed.

That's it! You can taste it to add more milk (that's milk in the bag) or sugar until it's just right. Ohhh it's so delicious! (You can do the same thing with banana, papaya, or whatever other fruit that you please.) Sometimes I do water with lime, strawberry and sugar. It's also delicious. 


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