Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shop South America--NEW ITEMS!

Updated 3/2/2011

Hermano Jorge asked me to bring these handmade products back from Potosi to sell. The women from the villages up in the mountains make all of these things by hand. All the money will go back to the Bolivian people. Everything is made from llama wool (*unless otherwise noted), and colored with natural colorants from the Andes. There may be slight size/color variations. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks for looking!

Bracelets $3

Table coverings/placemats $18/each (There are matches for each color that you see here).

Large table covering $$58
Table runner $22
Alpaca Scarf $25
Table covering $15

Bag without top --$15 (Only WHITE left)

Bolsa con Tapa (bag with top)--$18

Chus'pas (small purse with tassels)--$9


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Up on the Mountain

Jorge and Nidia's family.
That's how we traveled
That's where we slept
That's what we took
That's why we went!

The school was donated from the Japanese Ambassador.
Recycled tire sandals. And it was soooo cold!
Toothbrushing lessons

Bible lesson

Cat and Mouse game.
This is so hard!!
The kids all got parasite treatments
I got conned into being in a skit--as the main character!! I guess it's because I had just said that God uses the things that make us most uncomfortable to get us out of our comfort zones so He can work...
"Hoof Jello".
Girls got teddy bears
Boys got t-shirts
Potatoes, anyone?
making lunch

This is where the children play!
Caterpillar crawl

Even the adults play

Adobe bricks
This is the first time we got stuck
It was pretty cold and they didn't want us to help

This nice lady loaned us some llama skins to sleep on. She also let us eat in her house the next day.
We had to carry rocks down to put under the tires. These little angels showed up and helped us.

This is the second time we got stuck. They didn't let me pick for very long...!

This is a Bolivian version of Alfalfa.

Gusy p

Had to give a testimony
Jorge preached, and his translator fell asleep!!
My little patient and his mother
Everyone came out to say goodbye.

Edwin and Margarita. These kids were ADORABLE!! We took them back to the city so they could get more thorough medical attention.
I played them a kids song.