Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Baptism video!

Baptism in the Securé river in Oromomo (Tipnis jungle, Beni Bolivia).  A sweet time of witnessing many who have decided to follow Jesus and leave behind so much of their past…for the best.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nick and Bizzy: a rhyme about these two!

My friend Nick and sister Bizzy fell for each other last summer after we all went

to the zoo…  (The two on the far right are now married too…the girl in the black jeans and the guy in the blue)
Then these two started dating...
And we did lots of other stuff too. 

Now they are married and we all plan to revisit the zoo…apparently for some people it is a very romantic thing to do.
 It's been fun to be a part of their lives, and we wish them the best in all they put their minds to.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Living on a prayer--on the death road.

This past weekend we spent a two days driving to, and two days visiting a community in the Southern Yungas Jungle North of La Paz.  I went with a team: 4 of us from Ciudad de Refugio (JJ was our leader and driver), Richard, Abby, and I; and 3 people from Casa de Oracion: Jair, Fidel and Malena. This is our first team selfie (Not pictured: JJ):

We traveled by the "death road"-reportedly the most dangerous road in the world. I've always kind of wanted to do it, and it actually wasn't that terrible--I think traveling to Potosí prepared me!  It was a narrow dusty road, and once we got out of La Paz the drivers switch sides of the road so they can see just how close they are to the edge of the cliff when trucks, busses, and other cars come by.  It's fairly intense.

This is La Paz-we stopped briefly on our way through. 

I really wanted a picture just of the paintings on the wall, but my overzealous front-seat-photographer included the passerby's and the guy who we asked for directions.  Win. 
 We visited Candelaria which, JJ (our team leader) told us has grown considerably since the last time he was there.  There was a surprising amount of vehicles and satellite dishes!  The kids, though, we're very friendly and seemed so thrilled and entertained to be with us.  We played games, told Bible stories, and hung out with them.  I suffered a minor accident due to my clumsiness and for all soccer games and swims in the river was the official holder of cell phones, keys, glasses…which meant I chatted with the girls while they waited for their turn to play soccer.  Jair and JJ told Bible stories, and Richard and Jair led the singing.  And Jair led the games.  It's a good thing Jair came along! Haha, we all chipped in though, and I think everyone had a good time.
This is the newer paved part of the road, but you can imagine that the rain would make the dirt road sections a little trickier to navigate...

BEAUTIFUL scenery the whole time.  God is the great artist. 

We met this little girl with her monkey.  

It really liked Richard! 

Trying the cofee--which was a little too much leche with the cafe,…but boy did the coffee shops smell amazing. 

There we go...

The boys found this butterfly!

Lunch at a pensón: on the left tullu tullu (grubs) with rice and yucca; on the right charque rice and yucca. 

we ate grubs until they came out of our ears. Just kidding! We only ate average one each. 

Because I happen to be a really clumsy person things like this happen to me at the most inopportune times. 

Pastor Carmelo with his birds!

If that's not motivation, I don't know what is! "Don't be a pig like me, please recycle the garbage in the garbage can"

Pastor Carmelo and Florencia's house. 

The kids thought JJ was awesome!

Game time

Story time

Picture time

Check out the dude in the front row-he was mesmerized…or something! 

This kid has the BEST smile!

blowing bubbles…she's still got some practicing to do!

Pastor Carmelo showing us his wife FLorencia's foot.  She has diabetes and has had infections for a long time.  Pray with us for her, please!

Last team selfie.  

What a great weekend, we hope to go back next year and do more.  I'm almost recovered from my injuries and ~500 insect bites...almost.