Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bolivia 2014

 Our bus driver: Jhonny.
Before we left.

Favorite bus buddy: Laura! 


 Equipo verde!  (And the only equipo!)

This actually happened a lot.  Because of all the rain, the road was washed out in a lot of places.  Oh were we ever thankful to have so many young strong guys to make a way for us! 

Songs with the kiddos in Huak'u'mayu.  

Nick showing his soccer skills. 

Church leaders in Huak'u'mayu.

I have no witty caption.  I'm sure you can imagine plenty on your own! 

Story time.

Game time.

Parachute: brilliant idea!

Teaching us the bolivian way.  Api is a purple corn drink that's very popular to eat along with bunuelos (this is just plain bread, but it was okay too!)

Sibling picture.  SO thankful to have these two with me for this sweet trip.  

Tom, Jon and Chad.  Looks like a movie...

The newlyweds!  Eulogia and Aurelio have been super involved in their churches and the worship groups--two of the happiest people I've ever met-and they got married!

Hermano Rene.

The site where they are praying to build a church in Huak'u'mayu.

So happy for their new shirts. 

Jorge sharing in Quechua. 

Church in Urmiri

This is the plant they use to make tea.  If you bite on the plant bits in the tea it tastes like pine sol. :/ But apparently it's good for you. 

Good sharers!

They made a feast of fresh lamb meat and papas roasted in a mud oven. 

Hermanos Candido and Rene are leaders in the Urmiri church and traveled with us all week.  

The Bolivian princess!  Well, that's what I think she would look like!

At the Salar de Uyuni.

Rosie is Jhonny's wife and was such a help throughout the week.  

Jorge sharing his testimony. 

Vicunas are some of the only wildlife you will see in Potosi. 

Our transportation. Thank the Lord for a reliable vehicle and a competent driver!!

Salar de Uyuni=INCREDIBLE!

Team at the Cristo. 

Cristo de la Concordia, Cochabamba, Bolivia. 

At the airport. 

Goodbyes are my least favorite.