Thursday, February 25, 2016

Navidad en Cochabamba

It was  FULL time.
First, let's back it up…there was THANKSGIVING! We had a bunch of ex-pat friends over, and a few bolivian friends and celebrated all the things we are so thankful for. Like friends! My favorite comment was from a 6 year old little boy who lived in New Zealand and now here, who said, "I'm thankful that God is with me wherever I am". Well said, Isaac, well said.

This was us when we were done with the party…it is hard work hosting 75 people for a formal dinner!  

Then there was CDR! We had at least 3 Christmas activities for different audiences.
For the ESL classes, I made a bunch of props, and they acted out the Chrsitmas story in English. It is one of the best things I've ever seen.
ESL students re-enacting the Christmas story!
CDR staff testing out the props

CDR staff Christmas party

Bible study girls
Our big project was Kid's Club Christmas.  
Prep day one or two… measuring, weighing, re-bagging flour, sugar and rice. 
Prep day 3, sorting and bagging gifts. Teddy bears for girls, trucks for boys and snacks for all!
Day of the party. We were excited, nervous, scared...

There was lots of logistical prep work. Here are our two youngest workers. 

Then the people came. And they were many. We did normal games for the first hour. 

happy volunteers! (These are a few of our bible study girls!)

Then prizes and gifts were handed out. 

happy, happy day for all! 

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