Monday, January 25, 2016

Jungle trip: December 2015

We visited a village in the Tipnis region of Bolivia (Department of Beni).  It is where three distinct language groups come together- Yuracare, Chiman, and Trinitario. This was my second time there and we flew out there with International Tribal Mission. I was surprised that I knew the pilot from years ago when I stayed for a month with good friends. They went to the same church and since I met him he went on and studied to be a pilot. Here are some pictures of the four days we were there. We went for the anniversary of the community and also the anniversary of the church.  Our role was to provide children's programs (games, Bible stories, songs).

Decorating for the anniversary festivities. 

 Oh, all the things you can do with these flowers!

A traditional folkloric christian music group (Alfa y Omega) came along and did concerts two nights. 

Rio secure

 Baptism in the river.  Young and old demonstrated to all present that they have decided to follow the Lord.

Here are a handful of those who were baptized with Hermana Judith. 

The craft for the story of the Lost Sheep. 

There was a soccer tournament. 


Samy did workshops with the adults. 

Hanging out at the airstrip.  Due to several uncontrollable factors we ended up staying an extra day. I didn't mind! 

These little guys accompanied to visit families in the lower zone of the community. 

We found some cows! 

Some gorgeous girls, with beautiful eyes! 

A family of creative and hard workers! 

Some people from the Chiman communities. The kids laughed and played tag until I was ready to pass out from the heat and exhaustion! 

Pastor Tito up early to study his Bible before breakfast and a game of uno. 

The pastor and his wife with their two youngest boys and another boy who is staying with them. 

The Pastor's wife and baby. 

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