Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Potosi: July 2014

 This is our team on the way to Potosi.

 Enjoy the pictures of these adorable kids.  I love their expressions!

 Abby sharing her painting and how God loves what He has created--them!

 I met this girl over 2 years ago.  She's become such a help to us every time!
 This is how the ladies cook. Here they were making potatoes for everyone!
 The clown show is always entertaining.  Waldo, Abby and Kallie did a GREAT job!

 With the money we raised we bought scarves for all the kids.  Super practical for the cooler temps up there.
 Love this song! "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus".
 Some of my favorite things about Bolivia! Aurelia with he and Eulogia's baby Madia and a friendly llama.
 We met these girls in January too.  They live in the city and come up to the campo during their school breaks to help their grandma take care of the sheep.
 Jorge making his rounds.  (That meant a 45-60 minute hike to see the patients at this home).
 Everyone gets a chance to share what God's doing in their life and to encourage the believers we see.
 Waldo pulled several teeth for the people in the communities we visited.  I successfully assisted him without nearly passing out!
 LOVE to see the excitement of the people to hold and read God's word.
 Laura handing out antiparisite medicine.

 Aurelio and Eulogia.  Have known these two since their single days (over 5 years!)

 Our team at the end of the week.
 We were thankful to have a mechanic with us--and that the car had no serious problems.
 Did I mention that the scenery is absolutely incredible?
 This is our team with the church group in Oruro.  They were so hospitable and kind.

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fmims said...

Your photos are great! They give life to your story. Be safe and may God bless you. Forrest and Minnie