Saturday, April 19, 2008

[World Racers.] Mount Tunari.

Mount Tunari is the highest peak in central Bolivia. Just for fun we went to climb it. And we all survived. ´Though the change in elevation gave all of us quite a headache on the way down. It was a good day. And just for the record I was third to the top! Probably over half of the group made it to the top...I forgot to get that picture... It was a good time. We got to the top, ate a quick PB&J for energy boost, praised Jesus, then slid down on the loose rocks. That was my favorite part!
Found a little friend!
PB&J at the top of the mountain. "Awkward!"
Us IT people. Way to set an example!! (Matt, Mike, Elsa, Jaclyn and I)
Rachel, me, and Jaclyn. New BFFs--What a bonding experience!!!
Made it to the top in record time!!

Here´s the World Racers before the big climb.

*Photo credits: Jaclyn Toohey, Matt Peters... and Me!


James said...

Fabulous, it's a region with such strange ecology at that altitude.

James said...

How was it?? How much time did you take to make it to the top of Tunari? Where did you start? How fresh were you when you began the climb? I viewed a condor at roughly 1.5km at 5100 meter elevation, and then it was upon us within 10 seconds!!!