Friday, February 29, 2008

Chapare...The Good and the Bad.

Special music for Sunday Morning.
Bananas fresh from the tree. Oh, were we ever happy

Cocodrillo that Remberto´s friend caught "deeper in the jungle". He assured us that all of the wild animals were only found deeper in the jungle...except maybe some snakes, bats, and spiders.


This is a normal house in the Chapare...


Orphanage-Nueva Jerusalén

Side of orphanage. Michelle and I slept in the top right corner room.

The "bathroom". *Shudder*!!

Tarantula that Grover found outside. (FYI tarantulas can swim!)

That´s me working hard.



View from the upstairs platform:

Río...I don´t remember the name...

Jungle tour:

At the monkey farm. (That´s Remberto next to me petting the monkey.)

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